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Aggressive Behaviors and Violence with Students

Aggressive behaviors and violence with students safety talk

Aggressive behavior and violence can be common with youth, especially in lower grades. This can be true for those with behavior or developmental disabilities as well. Caregivers can play a critical role in diffusing these situations largely with approach such as staying calm and positive.

Aggression can be physical such as biting, hitting or kicking. It can also be verbal such as shouting, saying no or making threats.

Things to consider reducing aggressive or violent behavior:

  • Present a calm and caring attitude when addressing the situation
  • Do not present aggressive behaviors back to the student as this can escalate the situation
  • Work to have a constant respectful, calm and positive environment in the classroom
  • Redirect aggressive behaviors to a calming activity
  • Good behavior should be praised often
  • Remove the student from the situation to a quiet area to discuss
  • Consequences for misbehavior should be explained in advance
  • Notice situations that create environments of aggression and violence and avoid them


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