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Trucking: Severe Weather

Truck drivers face it all when it comes to weather from rain, tornadoes, snow, ice and high winds.

Unfortunately, there are times when drivers have no choice but to drive through the conditions. Therefore, it is essential to understand the risks and how to handle each situation.

Preparation for a trip with severe weather potential:
• Ensure wiper fluid is full
• Clean the interior of the windshield to prevent fogging
• Remove items/debris from the dashboard that could interfere with defogging the windshield
• Watch weather forecasts beforehand; plan to arrive before or after severe weather is coming through the path if possible
• Be aware of the overall condition of the vehicle, paying particular attention to tires
• Make sure to carry an emergency kit with water, food, weather radio, flashlight, blanket, etc.

• Slow down to avoid slippery areas on the road
• Ensure there is plenty of room from the car ahead
• During hail storms pull under cover if possible and wait it out; often hail is short lived
• Turn on headlights to be better visible to others even during daylight hours

• When possible leave the highway and go indoors; seek shelter
• Pull over and get low; avoid underpasses that can cause a wind tunnel effect
• Stay alert to patterns of the storm and avoid the path

• Slow down; go below the speed limit if necessary to remain in control
• Keep a safe following distance from cars ahead; the sight of taillights is a good indicator of following too closely
• Apply breaks slowly and carefully to avoid sliding


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