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Trucking: Roadside Safety

At some point all drivers will experience an issue which requires pulling onto the shoulder of the highway.

There are many risks, including exposure to vehicles passing by at high speed. It could take one distracted driver to change this situation to a severe injury or death.

Preparing for your trip:
• Be familiar with the route taken, any construction that may be along the way as well as locations for maintenance
• Have emergency roadside assistance numbers on hand and emergency flares or triangles readily available to
notify passing cars
• Do a thorough pre-trip inspection instead of quickly skimming through the checklist

What to do when broken down:
• Turn on hazard lights, place reflective triangles or cones and open the hood to signal that your truck has broken-down
• Assess the issue and try to determine whether it can be repaired on location or if additional assistance is needed
• Stay in the vehicle while waiting for support and if not possible, stay on opposite side of the roadway and as far back as possible; do not stand behind the vehicle
• Notify a manager of your approximate location
• Pull off on exit ramps, when possible, for more room and less traffic; If it is possible to make it to the next
rest stop do so


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