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The Hazards of Energy Drinks

Workers often use energy drinks for a quick “pick-me-up.”  When selected in place of water or electrolyte-rich drinks, it is dangerous because they are highly caffeinated and nutritionally deficient. Some workplaces ban energy drinks because of the health risks they pose.   

The following are some reasons to be cautious when drinking energy drinks:  

  • Energy drinks can contain as much caffeine as four to five cups of coffee in just 24 ounces. 
    • Adults should stay below 500 mg of caffeine throughout the day.
  • In the heat, people become dehydrated quicker because energy drinks have high levels of caffeine.
    • Energy drinks can also speed up the heart rate.  
  • Caffeine can cause irregular heart rhythms, blood flow problems, and high blood pressure when taken in high doses
    • Heat and caffeine can put a strain on the body. 
  • The lasting effects of energy drinks can include insomnia, nervousness, nausea, headaches, and anxiety.  
    • It is possible for workers suffering from these symptoms to be at a higher risk of suffering a workplace injury. 
  • Never underestimate the effects of caffeine and the stimulants in energy drinks on your body, especially in the summer heat.  
    • You could suffer from severe dehydration, elevated blood pressure, heat stress, or even cardiac arrest.  
  • Keep caffeine intake at a minimum, and drink water that replenishes the body’s electrolytes. 


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