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Safety awareness

Incidents are the result of unsafe conditions, acts or practices. Many incidents are caused by the use of
unsafe equipment, tools used in an unsafe manner or failure to follow safe work practices. This is why
the implementation of a comprehensive safety program is critical to maintaining a safe work environment for all employees.

Safety is a team effort. With any great team, each member must know their role and how to perform it well to achieve success. The same is true for safety teams.

• Avoid taking shortcuts: trying to find a way to get the job done faster or more efficiently may not be in the
best interest in terms of safety
• Make sure you know exactly how to execute the task at hand and do so properly; when in doubt, ask for help
or clarification.
• Make sure you stay focused on the task at hand; try to avoid bringing outside problems to work with you and
keep other mental distractions in check
• Pre-plan your work: a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a tool that is used to determine the risks associated with a
particular task and the actions that need to be taken to prevent the hazard from becoming an accident
• Think through a project from beginning to end
• Following the safety policy and procedures
• Reporting unsafe conditions and practices to management immediately
• Keeping work areas clean and orderly at all times
• Operating equipment only if authorized and instructed on safe work procedures
• Reporting all incidents to management immediately and complete an incident report as soon as

Enforcing safety rules is part of your supervisor’s job, but it is your job to put safety into practice.


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