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Proper use of prods

Proper use of prods safety talk

The use of electric prods should be a last resort to use when trying to move a stubborn animal. When using the prod, keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Store electric prods in a safe and secure place
  • Never prod an animal when it has nowhere to run
  • If you are in close quarters and must use an electric prod, make sure you have an escape route to avoid injury
  • When working with livestock it is recommended that you move slowly and use gentle touches to get the animals to move; using these techniques will be more effective than shoving or using an electric prod
  • You should not constantly carry the electric prod
  • If an animal refuses to move, first try to under­stand why they won’t move; keep in mind it’s possible the animal cannot move and is not refus­ing to move
  • Utilize other tools to attempt to move the cattle such as:
    • Driving aids, for example flags
    • Plastic paddles
    • A stick with plastic ribbons attached to it

A few additional safety tips to remember when moving cattle:

  • If it is hot outside, never hurry the animal to move
  • If they are being moved to new pasture, they will typically climb steep inclines or hills willingly without the handler having to resort to yelling or chasing
  • Remain patient, consistent and understanding to move the cattle with less stress and with mini­mal effort to reduce the risk of injury


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