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Preventing slips, trips and falls in childcare

A significant number of workplace injuries in all industries are due to slips, trips and falls. Working in a setting where you often find items on the floor and small children at play creates an even higher likelihood of slip, trips and falls. While your employer is responsible for providing a safe and healthful work environment, you are ultimately responsible for your safety.

Follow these simple tips to prevent accidents including:

• Wear appropriate footwear such as closed toe, rubber sole shoes

• Be aware of your surrounds and walk slowly, looking in the direction in which you are traveling as items on the floor
should be anticipated

• Maintain a clear pathway of sight, if carrying items or children be sure your view is not obstructed

• Pick-up and put away items on the floor as you are finished with them

• Immediately clean up spills; do not leave a spill unattended; if clean-up supplies are not readily available, ask a coworker to collect the spill clean-up supplies while you keep watch and direct others away from the spill

• Regularly check rugs to be sure they are flat and securely in place

• Do not lift or pick-up children over baby gates

• Maintain floors and walking surfaces uncluttered and in clean condition

• If you use a step stool or step ladder, inspect it before use to ensure it is in good working order; broken or damaged stepstools or ladders will be reported to the director or supervisor and removed from service

• If stairs are present, handrails should be installed


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