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Trucking: Material Handling

There is plenty of room for error when it comes to material handling.

It can be a challenge to ensure the safest work practices are being followed. Many times it depends on the equipment available, location and convenience.

Below are some tips to safely move material and equipment.

Safe lifting:
• When there is a need to physically load or unload items, ensure that the heaviest items are placed at mid height to reduce strain
• Set a maximum weight limit that a worker can carry
• Practice safe lifting techniques, such as keeping a straight back and bending at the knees
• If an item is too large or heavy, ask for assistance from a team member
• Wear gloves with a good fit and grip

Forklifts/pallet jacks/dollies:
• Use equipment to aid in material handling, when possible
• Only trained and authorized employees should operate a forklift
• Ensure the route of travel is clear
• Select the appropriate lifting aids for each job

Load securement:
• Secure pallets and material with bands and wrapping to prevent items from falling
• Lifting aids should be loaded with heaviest and largest items on the bottom
• Pallets should be inspected regularly and taken out of use when defective
• Keep loads low when traveling
• Ensure the load is balanced
• Know the weight limits of the equipment being used and do not exceed it


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