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Material handling safety for delivery drivers safety talk

Material handling safety for delivery drivers safety talk

Working as a delivery driver can bring exposures such as sprains and strains and overexertion injuries. Some conditions involving material handling that might present these exposures are:

  • Picking up material to be moved
  • Slips, trips, and falls while transporting material
  • Push and pull movement of carts or dollies

Material handling safety tips:

  • Wear closed toed shoes with good grip as well as gloves to assist with lifting items
  • When using carts or dollies to load or unload push and never pull the load
  • Plan your path before moving the load to avoid any obstructions
  • Do not take a shortcut through an area that presents additional hazards
  • When opening the truck or bay doors use handles and straps to get a good grip
  • If you must lift a load manually use proper lifting techniques and take it slow
  • If you have dollies, carts, lifts, straps etc. available to assist a heavy or awkward load, use them
  • Lightweight ramps should be used to prevent strain on steps or curbs with heavy items
  • Break the load into smaller groups when possible
  • Do not obstruct your view when traveling
  • Keep good housekeeping in the trailer as items are cleared out to prevent tripping or stepping on sharp items
  • If items are loaded into the trailer and not secured properly, bring it to the attention of the loader and have it reassessed
  • If cargo shifts, pull over to a safe area and get the load tightened
  • Plan stops in your route for rests to avoid muscle fatigue


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