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Keeping isles and passageways clear safety talk

Keeping isles and passageways clear safety talk

Obstacles in isles and passageways occurs due to overflow of material, poor housekeeping practices, or general unawareness. Keeping isles and passageways clear is an easy step to take in prevention of trips in the workplace.

  • All isles, passageways and general work areas should be kept clean and orderly.
  • Schedule time for cleaning. If it is not a planned part of the workday it is likely to go undone.
  • Cords running across isles should be taken down or strung overhead.
  • Avoid using isles for storage; even if only temporarily.
  • If isles are being used due to lack of space, consider a larger cleanup job of work area. Consider storing material or equipment elsewhere, or discard anything that is rarely or never used.
  • Ensure it is common practice to close drawers or doors that are not in use. Especially when they protrude into walking areas.
  • Inspect work areas regularly to look for new or common hazards and work together to develop solutions.

Clear policies and procedures should be in place regarding housekeeping and it should be clearly communicated so that each employee knows the role they play.


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