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Impaired driving

Known by many different names, impaired driving encompasses a wide range of definitions from distracted driving to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The effects of driving impaired are different for everyone because it alters everyone’s brain and body chemistry differently. Nonetheless, impaired drivers put everyone on the road at risk and companies need to develop a firm policy against this behavior.

Because this affects workers on an off the job, here a few tips to consider in a social setting:
• Offer to be a designated driver
• Take the keys away from your friends who are drinking
• Avoid getting in a car with people who have been using drugs or alcohol
• When prescribed new medications, discuss possible side effects with your doctor; ask if it is safe to drive while taking said medications
• Heed the warnings on over the counter and prescription medication that states it may cause drowsiness; avoid taking medication if you have to drive for work until you know how it will affect you


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