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Housekeeping, childcare

Maintaining a clean, neat and orderly work environment prevents accidents, injuries and illnesses and creates a positive work environment for daycare employees. By following proper housekeeping procedures, you can control injuries. The center will use cleaners and disinfectants, for which they have safety data sheets.

The housekeeping procedures for this facility include:

• The staff is responsible for cleaning their classrooms, equipment and restrooms
• Staff must keep their classrooms neat and tidy; spills should be cleaned up immediately
• Wipe down toilets after each restroom break
• Sweep floors after meals, snacks, and as needed throughout the day
• Keep floors neat and tidy, free of debris or items that might cause a slip, trip or fall
Weekly, and as necessary:
• Vacuum carpeting and mats throughout the facility
• Wipe down nap mats or cots
• Wash linens and sheets
• Wipe down classroom tables and chairs

• Clean cupboards, drawers and doors at least monthly
• Clean open shelving monthly
• Clean the refrigerator weekly and dispose of expired food or leftovers
• Disinfect surfaces daily
• Sweep the floor throughout the day

Assigning everyone housekeeping duties for their assigned work area will make good housekeeping a part of the everyday routine at the facility. A clean workplace is a safe workplace and with everyone doing their part it can be achieved.


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