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Falls from Trucks and Trailers


Falls from trucks and trailers safety talk

One commonly overlooked hazard for a truck driver is falling from the truck or trailer. This can happen while entering, exiting, securing or checking a load etc. There are certain rules to consider ensuring your safety when performing these tasks. Possibly the most important rule is the 3-point rule. That is when ascending and descending from a truck or trailer making sure that you always have 3 points of contact.

Other areas to keep in mind:

When there are handles or rails provided use them; during your pre-trip inspection ensure that these are in good

shape and secure

  • Check all steps and ladders to ensure they are clean of debris or oil
  • When working with your trailer for connecting and disconnecting do so from the ground when at all possible; when you must climb on to trailer for this activity watch for grease and pay special attention to each step taken
  • Inspect your truck pre-trip for ice or wet steps and take time to clean/dry areas for safe entry; inspect steps again before exiting the truck for any ice or water accumulation before stepping out
  • Take care not to jump from the cab of the truck or use a piece of truck equipment as a step
  • Proper footwear is key in slip and fall prevention; close toed shoes with a non-slip sole are recommended
  • When checking or tarping a flatbed trailer do so from the ground when possible, if not possible look into portable guardrail systems or a lifeline and lanyard to connect to with appropriate fall protection
  • Take care if you must walk on a load to stay in the center and do not walk backward towards the edge



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