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One of the best tips for working around horses is to stay alert and aware of the potential risks. Not only should horse behavior be considered. Also, be observant to outside factors that the horse may react to.

General Areas to Consider:

  • Scan the immediate area as well as the horse before engaging to ensure there are no new issues, dangers or unknown injuries to the animal
  • Ensure nothing foreign or new to the horse is in the area prior to handling such as a plastic bag, ropes or debris laying around that the horse may bump or step on as well as any new loud or unexpected noises etc.
  • Always gauge the general demeanor the horse has; the handler should calmly make their presence known and ensure that the horse is peaceful and accepting before approaching
  • Pet the horse on the left shoulder upon contact
  • Have all gear to be used easily accessible and prepared
  • Avoid feeding a horse with other horses around as this can cause excitement or aggressiveness
  • Wear boots with a heel and preferably with hard toes
  • Always move steadily and confidently
  • All jewelry should be removed as it can be caught up in reins and lead ropes
  • Never ride a horse with a halter alone
  • Stay back at least an entire horse length from nearby horses

This list is not all-inclusive, however gives some key points to consider. Always practice safe tying, haltering and lead and riding safety.


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