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Drowsy driving

Drowsy driving affects virtually everyone at one time or another; it happens when a driver is too tired to stay alert or even dozes off. This situation can be just as dangerous and fatal as drunk driving and there are no tests to check for being too tired. There are however signs to look for and steps to prevent drowsy driving.

Know the warning signs below so that you can avoid drowsy driving:
• Stretching/Squirming and rubbing your eyes
• Fighting to stay focused and awake or dozing off
• Realizing you have zoned out for part of your trip
• Having close calls such as not breaking as fast as you should
• Realizing you are off track or have missed a turn/exit
• Swerving in and out of lanes or on and off the road

Take these steps to prevent drowsy driving:
• Ensure you are fully rested before getting behind the wheel
• If possible avoid driving during nighttime hours
• Drive with others when possible
• If driving with someone else, share driving hours with them
• Do not feel the pressure to continue your trip if you are too fatigued/ Pull over and rest
• Avoid relying on caffeine or other stimulants to combat fatigue as they only produce short-term results and they can lead to other unwanted health effects.
• Arrange for someone to pick you up if you cannot make the trip safely


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