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Using draw sheets, healthcare

Draw (slip) sheets aide caregivers in repositioning patients in bed. A sheet is placed under the patient, between
their upper back and thighs.

Advantages of draw sheets:
• Reduces friction while laterally transferring patients or repositioning them in bed
• Mitigate the force exerted by caregivers while moving patients
• Minimize physical strain on caregiver’s back, shoulders, neck, and arms

If a draw sheet is not available, a makeshift version can be made with a single bed sheet.


How to use a draw sheet:
• Put the bed in a flat position
• Lie the patient on their side, then place a half rolled-up draw sheet against the patient’s back
• Roll the patient onto the sheet and flatten it
• Make sure the patient’s head, shoulders, and hips are on the sheet
• Grabbing the sheet on each side of the bed, lunge with the foot nearest the intended direction of the
patient, this action helps create directionality and momentum
• In unison, move the patient by pulling the sheet towards the head of the bed; this process may need to
be repeated a few times to reach the desired location and patient position


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