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Debris clean up and drop off safety talk


Debris cleanup and drop off safety talk

Roofing repair and replacement jobs can create a lot of waste. This task alone requires planning and certain safety precautions to be considered. Debris can be collected on top of the roof and then lowered down to a larger container or it can be dropped directly to the trailer below. Let us look at some safety tips for the latter.

Tips for safely using a debris trailer:

  • The trailer should be parked close to the home or building and on the least busy side if possible
  • Employees should be tied off if tossing debris over the edge of the roof
  • A chute should be used to control where the debris goes when possible
  • Area around the trailer should be taped off to keep foot traffic and cars out of the area
  • Anyone working at ground level should have on a hard hat
  • Material should be distributed evenly into the trailer
  • Employees should not climb into trailer to pack down or disperse material

Dump sites can pose their own set of risks and should be covered as well:

  • Safe driving expectations with emphasis on pulling a full trailer should be covered with the driver
  • There should be clear communication between the driver and other workers once on the dump site
  • Once on-site employees should spot the driver to park in unloading area
  • Truck should be parked with brakes set and ignition off if possible before unloading takes place
  • Proper personal protection should be worn for any manual cleanup such as boots , gloves, and dust masks



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