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Cutting Tool Safety

Box knives are helpful tools for assisting employees who regularly open boxes or cut materials to get the job done. Cuts from box knives can lead to serious injuries if cutting tools are not used safely. OSHA estimates that a single worker laceration costs, on average, $41,000. 

  When using a box knife, consider these safety tips: 

 1. Pay attention to sharp new blades and protect yourself. 

 2. Wear appropriate PPE such as leather or cut-resistant gloves. 

 3. Expose only enough blade to cut the material. 

      Using more blade than necessary leads to injuries and damaged merchandise. 

 4. Pay attention when using a box knife and cut away from your body. 

      Ignoring distractions when using a knife will help prevent injuries. 

 5. Keep your non-cutting hand firmly on the object but out of the way of the blade’s path. 

 6. Retract the blade or cover the sharp edge after each use. 

      Securing the box knife or cutting tool after use will prevent unintended contact with sharp edges. 

 7. Use caution when disposing of used blades to avoid injury. 

 Selecting the best cutting tool for the job will also help prevent injuries. Use a box knife or retractable blade knife when cutting cardboard. Kitchen tools, kitchen knives, or screwdrivers should not be used to open boxes or materials. Replace blades or knives when they become dull, bent, or damaged. 



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