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Cell phone use while driving safety talk

Cell phone use while driving safety talk

Currently cell phone use for any business is just a typical part of communication. Along with this comes the issue of cell phone use while driving. Clear rules should be understood and reviewed before you get behind the wheel.

Acceptable cell phone use:

  • Know your company’s cell phone policy and follow it
  • Phones to be used for GPS should be set up prior to beginning your trip and mounted properly to avoid distraction of reaching or looking for your phone during the trip
  • A hands-free device may be used if approved by your employer and no more than one button needs to be pushed for accessing
  • Use voice activation when dialing a number
  • Set up automatic reply messages to let your callers know you are driving and can call them once stopped
  • Change the cell phone voicemail greeting to: “Hi, this is (name). I am either away from my phone or currently driving; please leave a message”
  • Speak up when in the car with someone who uses a cell phone while driving

Action to avoid:

  • Do not take a call if hands free is not available and pull over to have the conversation or let it go to voicemail
  • Minimize lengthy conversations while driving to limit distraction
  • Do not re-route or look up a new destination while driving and pull over or exit in a safe area to do so

The next time we consider being involved in distracting behavior while driving we can remember these statistics provided by the National Safety Councils website and it may help us to reconsider our actions:

  • Drivers using cell phones are four times more likely to be involved in a crash
  • One out of every four motor vehicle crashes involve cell phone use at the time of the crash
  • Every 24 seconds a crash occurs in the U.S. because of drivers using cell phones and texting
  • Drivers talking on cell phones had slower reaction times than drivers with .08 blood alcohol content
  • Our brain can miss seeing up to 50% of the driving environment when we are talking on a cell phone behind the wheel

Each of us can help. Everyone plays a role in making our roadways safer. Make a personal commitment to drive cell free, and if it is a difficult change to make, use the technologies that are available to prevent cell phone use. One call has the potential to change everything. Make a pledge to be on the road and off the phone.


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