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Five Free Guides to Make Your Small Business Safer

Educating employees on safety procedures is incredibly important, as it can help to mitigate on-the-job injuries. The stakes are high – safe practices can make the difference between life and death for employees. Employees can be injured from threats including improper equipment operation and unsafe lifting, standing, and sitting practices. Other accidents occur when employees fail to pay adequate attention to workplace surroundings.

Get your team up to speed with proper operating procedures to keep your workplace environment safer and more secure. Check out these 5 helpful guides – prepared with you in mind by our team of safety consultants.

1. Hazard Awareness Toolbox Talk

2. Ladder Safety Presentation

3. The Importance of Stretching Toolbox Talk

4. Wet and Slippery Surfaces Safety Talk

5. Repetitive Motion Toolbox Talk

Need help getting a safety plan in place? Browse our Safety Training launchpad or contact our safety consultants at (800) 347-3863.

At CompSource Mutual, we believe that businesses deserve great safety services support. People are our passion, and we want to help you protect your workers. Safe working environments can protect hard-working employees from harm and promote business sustainability. It’s a win-win for business owners and workers alike.

Access top-notch resources and reach our safety team for questions. Check out videos, articles, and more on our Safety Library. Our policyholders get it all for free – no hidden fees, no extra cost.

Need more help with your business’s safety education program? Reach out to our safety team at (800) 347-3863.

Protect your team. As Oklahoma’s premier workers’ compensation insurance carrier, we can get you the coverage that you need at a fair price. Request a quote or contact our team directly at (800) 347-3863.


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