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Food service safety

Food Service Safety PDF

Food handling is a line of work that seems to be overlooked in terms of safety. But food service employees have risks in their jobs just like every other job and are no less important. Knowing what the hazards of working in food services, such as in cafeterias, and how to prevent these hazards is something every employee should know.

Some of the most common hazards working in a kitchen include:
• Falls from slipping on wet, greasy floors
• Tripping over clutter
• Burns from steam and hot surfaces
• Back injuries from lifting cartons or bulk food items
• Repetitive strain injuries
• Electrical shock from faulty equipment
• Kitchen fires

It is important to know what can be done to prevent these types of injuries from occurring in the first place.

There are numerous things you can do at work or within your own work station to be safe.
• Dress for your job with safety in mind
• Choose low-heeled, secure shoes with a non-skid sole and enclosed toe
• Talk to your supervisor about fire-resistant clothing, if needed
• Keep kitchen cutting tools sharp and in good condition
• Store knives on overhead magnetic strips as opposed to loosely in drawers
• When lifting, avoid twisting or bending your back. Get help with heavy loads.