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School Decorating: Minimize the Risk

Following falls, strains and sprains are the second leading cause of injury in schools. Many times these injuries occur during class and hallway decorating times.

Safe Decorating Tips:

  • Only use step ladders approved by your school for reaching up high and never use other furniture or items such as chairs, tables, boxes etc.
  • Ensure all decorations or items are being packaged and carried in a safe box or containers with cutouts or handles.
  • When needed take the time to get a dolly or cart to assist with moving boxes or containers.
  • Gather all tools and supplies needed for decorating and place them at an easily accessible level to avoid unnecessary trips up and down the ladder.
  • Wear appropriate footwear while decorating. Shoes should have closed heel and toe and have a sole with good grip.
  • If boxes or items are too big or heavy, get someone else to assist with lifting and carrying the item.
  • When lifting items use proper lifting techniques by bending at the knees, with back straight. Avoid twisitng while lifting.
  • Keep the waist centered on the step ladder while in use and avoid reaching. Descend the ladder and move to the new location.
  • If something falls during decorating, let it go. Never reach and try to catch the item potentially causing a slip or fall from the ladder.

If the right tools and equipment are not available, take the time to gather them or ask for assistance. Give yourself plenty of time to avoid getting in a rush. This will help reduce the need to cut corners and make unsafe decisions. Additionally, start with a plan. Layout the items close to where they will be placed and ensure each area is organized before beginning.


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