Safety Talks

Security for bus drivers safety talk

Security for bus drivers safety talk

Bus drivers can be more exposed and vulnerable than many industries, with frequent stops, the door regularly opening and many distractions. Let us cover some tips to keep bus drivers safe.

  • Do daily pre-trip inspections to make sure the vehicle is in proper working order and to avoid break downs
  • Stay alert to any vehicles that may be following
  • Do not exit the vehicle or open the door if being followed by an unknown vehicle
  • Go to the nearest safe place and call to report
  • Before, after or between pickup times keep vehicle locked when parked and windows rolled up
  • Avoid spontaneous and unapproved stops
  • Avoid poorly lit areas and be aware of surroundings
  • Vehicle should be turned off and keys taken with driver when exiting the vehicle
  • Maintain communication with supervisor or dispatch and report anything questionable
  • Do not leave the vehicle in unsecured parking areas
  • Do not allow unauthorized passengers on bus
  • Activate the vehicles remote alarm if there is a threat

In addition to these areas, stay up to date with the company’s driving policy and reporting procedures. If something does not feel or look right, stop and take time to call it in.

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