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Safe navigation through construction zones

Safe navigation through construction zones

Navigating through a construction zone safely is largely dependent on one key area. That is attention to change which can be through signage, traffic, changes to the roadway etc. During the pre-trip planning research, note construction zones that may be along the path and be prepared to take extra caution during that portion of the trip or re-route to avoid these areas all together.

Areas to consider:

  • It is important for truck drivers to heed sign directions such as merging, slowing or a lane curving sharply; and to do so as soon as they are seen; It takes a large truck more time to maneuver especially in a congested area/construction zone so adjusting ahead of the change is critical
  • Be alert to other aggressive drivers in the area that may be trying to get around in and out of traffic; being aware of who is in or out of the blind spot is essential in these situations
  • Many times in construction zones cars drive bumper to bumper with no buffer zone for stopping; although moving with traffic and getting through the area is important, leave generous room to stop if cars were to start slowing
  • When roadways narrow pay special attention to cars in the passing lane; give a safe distance to those that drift onto the center line in these areas
  • Stay alert to construction workers, vehicles and heavy equipment that may be entering or exiting the work zone
  • If there is unexpected construction which delays the trip, wait until outside of the work area to inform others of the change in arrival time
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