Safety Manuals

Restaurant safety manual

Restaurant safety manual

This manual contains safety policies designed to control risks associated with operations at your business and provide the safest possible work environment for our employees. While this safety manual is intended to be comprehensive, it is impossible to cover every scenario, therefore if you have questions regarding a specific task contact your supervisor who can provide guidance.

The best ambassadors of our safety program are those performing the jobs daily. If you observe a safety issue or have a suggestion that could improve the safety measures outlined in this document, please speak with your supervisor. It takes the dedicated effort of the entire team to prevent workplace incidents.

Incidents are the result of unsafe conditions, acts or practices. Many incidents are caused using unsafe equipment, tools used in an unsafe manner or failure to follow safe work practices. Therefore, the implementation of a comprehensive safety program is critical to maintaining a safe work environment for all employees. To ensure a safe work environment, it is imperative that we strictly enforce our policy. Violations of safety policies and procedures could result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. If you have questions and/or need additional information regarding the contents of this manual, you should speak with your supervisor or their predetermined designee immediately.


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