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Proper storage: kitchen safety talk

Proper storage safety talk

Properly storing items in a commercial pantry or refrigerator(s) is very important. Not only is proper storage appealing to the eye, but these practices also ensure easy count of items available and cut down on planning and prep time.

Practicing good ergonomics regarding pantry storage can help prevent injuries by reducing the size or weight of items being lifted and stored or changing the height of a shelf.

Pushcarts may be provided to move stock items from the loading dock into their storage area (pantry or walk-in refrigerator/freezer). Step ladders may also be used to stock items on higher shelves. Proper ladder safety procedures should be exercised when using a portable step ladder.

Other things to keep in mind include:

  • When manually stocking shelves, position the materials to be shelved slightly in front so you no twisting is necessary when lifting and placing it on the shelf.
  • Place heavier items about mid-height. This prevents bending down and picking it up later when it is needed.
  • Lighter weight items (such as Styrofoam and paper goods) should be placed on higher shelves.
  • Make sure the weight is evenly distributed across the shelf. This will ensure that the heavy items are not all on one side, as this could cause the shelf to warp and possibly break.
  • Place items on the shelves so that they lie flat and do not lean against each other.
  • Do not let items overhang from the shelves into the walkways.
  • Observe height limitations when stacking materials
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