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Dump truck overturn safety talk

Dump truck overturn safety talk

One common hazard with dump trucks is overturn. An overturn while dumping could not only damage the truck and nearby structures or equipment. Overturns can cause serious injury and death to drivers and anyone else in the area as well.

Common causes of overturn:

  • Attempting to operate or dump on an uneven surface
  • Operating the truck on surface material that is not stable enough
  • Having an uneven load or the load shifting during operation
  • Equipment failure or operator failure such as lifting mechanisms or failure to open the gate latch

Preventing overturn and injury:

  • Ensure ground is level prior to dumping
  • Other people in the area should be informed to stay clear as well as any obstacles removed
  • Drivers should keep doors closed and seat belts fasted; in case of overturn they will not risk being crushed
  • Material in bed should be evenly distributed to prevent sudden shifting
  • Careful to dump away from ledges of excavations or drop offs, even if they are minimal
  • Equipment should be inspected prior to driving the truck for any defects or issues
  • If dumping occurs off road, ensure the area is stable enough to stay firm with movement
  • Have someone safely distanced working to signal as dumping takes place
  • Ensure the truck is not overloaded with material
  • Only drive the truck with bed lowered
  • Tractor and trailer should be in line before dumping
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