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What is Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance is coverage obtained by an employer to protect their business and employees in case of a work-related injury or illness.

We believe it’s important for businesses to secure workers’ compensation for their employees to ensure proper medical care and replacement of lost wages if needed. Providing workers’ compensation coverage alleviates financial burdens that could severely impact an employee/business relationship and bankrupt a company.

We’re proud to live and serve in a state that values its citizens and understands the importance of workers’ compensation insurance. Unless a business receives an exemption from the state of Oklahoma, all businesses are required to secure workers’ compensation insurance. If Oklahoma businesses fail to secure workers’ compensation insurance, businesses can face severe liability in civil suits filed by injured employees. Additionally, the state of Oklahoma reserves the right to fine businesses for not providing the proper coverage for employees.

For more information regarding workers’ compensation in the state of Oklahoma, visit the resources listed below.


We partner with Coventry Health Care and Healthesystems to help ensure injured workers receive the best, most appropriate care possible.

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Injured Workers

CompSource Mutual wants you to get better and stay healthy. Find out what to do after an injury or what resources you have available to you.

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