Safety Video Information

CompSource Mutual is dedicated to loss prevention and we are pleased to offer valuable safety and loss prevention resources to our policymembers. Having a safety and training plan enables businesses to maintain the safest possible work environment, which can reduce costs associated with workplace accidents and injuries.

As a benefit of being a policymember you have access to the our extensive safety and health video library featuring industry-specific topics and OSHA compliance safety training. Videos are available by streaming for instant access. These educational and informative selections can be an integral part of your training program or simply used to reinforce safety and health in a positive way.

The video library features more than 300 topics, including: personal protective equipment; lockout/tagout; lifting and stretching; drowsy driving; slips, trips and falls; heat stress prevention and a variety of additional topics. Many videos are available in both English and Spanish. As an added value, there are also quizzes for each video title. The quiz can be printed or viewed by selecting the "Quiz" icon in the instant queue screen. 

Create an account

To access safety and health videos, click here to create an account. Once verified, the policymember will receive an email containing a username and password.

Requesting safety and health training videos

After establishing an account to access safety and health videos, policymembers can obtain materials using the username and password provided. 

Streaming videos are available for unlimited use until midnight, Eastern time, on the day of rental.


If you have questions or need assistance with the video library, please call (405) 232-7663, ext 3411 or (800) 347-3863, Ext 3411.