CompSource Mutual is Committed to Workplace Safety

CompSource Mutual is dedicated to helping businesses provide the safest possible work environment for their employees by offering a variety of safety and loss prevention resources as a benefit to our policymembers.

We demonstrate our commitment to promoting workplace safety by providing a dedicated staff of expert safety consultants that spans all of Oklahoma’s 77 counties. Policymembers are encouraged to utilize the expertise of the safety consultants. Our individualized and collaborative approach helps the policymember develop a customized training program, identify potential safety concerns and even develop a safety manual specific to their business.

Other safety resources available to policymembers include a safety video library which features more than 300 current safety topics. Once your free account is created, these videos can be accessed by online video streaming. Visit safety videos for more information about account creation and usage policies. Policymembers also have access to a sample safety manual and a collection of 5-Minute Safety Talks on a variety of topics ranging from personal protective equipment (PPE) to confined spaces. For more information on any of these products and services contact your designated safety consultant.

At CompSource Mutual, we don’t just say safety is important; we dedicate our resources to providing policymembers the tools necessary to keep their employees safe in the workplace.